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Our Team

Our experienced project teams are responsible for the positive reputation of HouseWorks throughout Mississippi- a growing testament to the workmanship and reliability of every member of our staff.  We are a family owned and operated business and put our hearts into every project.

Jeff Salmons

Co-Founder and President of HouseWorks, LLC.

Jeff lives in Madison, Mississipi and his construction background includes 15 years as a public speaker for Russ Whitney teaching individuals how to purchase and invest in real estate. Jeff also owned and managed a janitorial service business and a successful restaurant in Memphis, TN. His background is in providing unsurpassed service and value in all areas of remodeling.

Shannon Francis

Office Manager

Shannon lives in Flora, MS with her husband and 2 young kids.  She has a degree from Mississippi State in Business Administration and a Masters of Art in Teaching from Mississippi College.  She spent 6 years in the insurance business, 2 years teaching 7th grade Math and a few years at home raising her babies before coming on board with Houseworks this year.  

Jimmy Stokley 

Project Coordinator 

Jimmy lives in Pearl, MS and has been with Houseworks since 2007.  He is out in the field meeting with clients, managing subcontractors, and usually doing small repairs himself.  He might be the hardest working man we know and we are lucky to have him as a loyal member of our team.  


My husband and I completely remodeled the home we purchased in Jackson MS. We met with Radford for an initial estimate, and immediately knew he would be great to work with and we were not disappointed. Radford was extremely knowledgeable and engaged a very professional group of contractors to work on removing and replacing all flooring, painting all rooms in the house, installing granite countertops in the kitchen, master and wet bar and a host of other updates. The house is unrecognizable from it's original look and we couldn't be more pleased with the transformation. Radford was with us every step of the way. Always responsive and accomodating when possible. His professional demeanor was a breath of fresh air for what can be a stressful process. We were pleased with the overall quality of work given the time and budget. We would highly recommend Radford as a general contractor and will certainly work with him again if and when we embark upon other renovation projects.Read More

I am quite happy with the outcome of the renovation project Houseworks did on my bathroom. The work was done quickly and professionally. The houseworks team stayed in touch with me throughout the project, keeping me apprised of each step along the way. I had a damaged bathroom floor removed and replaced with new tile, and the bathroom walls and door and window trim repainted. Would recommend this company.Read More

Price is quite reasonable, workers fantastic, helpful and do what they say, when they say! Finished products are better than I had hoped for, and I could not be happier! If I was any happier I would explode! I needed new stairs to my house in the front and wanted them to be better than before. There are 14 steps to my front porch. They improved the distance a person has to step when going up, and added a landing half way up which gives a sense of security especially when going down. The wood is top quality treated, and appears to be better than what I can get and have gotten locally at the DIY stores. The workers and supervisor are all very polite, I noticed that they use especially nice language to each other, calling each other "sir" instead of "hey you" or something else, so if you are wondering what it is like to be at home when they are working, they are very considerate of not just the buyer but also of their fellow workers. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire experience.Read More

We met Jeff through our colleague Susan. We started doing work together around 2007. We really enjoyed working on projects together with Houseworks. They provide great products and services and we recommend them to all homeowners and professionals!Read More

I couldn't be more satisfied. I've attacked a few photos of the updates, but they did even more. I was able to stay within my low budget and receive all the changes I wanted. They don't put profit first. There were a few things they talked me out of doing, but they gave me excellent reasons why I shouldn't have them do those projects. That made a huge impression on me. If I ever want more work done, I will certainly call them.Read More

Extremely diligent and hard working. Followed up with me on every question and didn't stop until I had a satisfactory answer. When I asked for specific work hours they met my requests every time. Great company to work with and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.Read More

Houseworks added an outdoor patio for me. I wanted something that didn't look like it had been added on and that would flow with the existing porch. It turned out better than I could have ever expected! They extended the roof and added a ceiling fan and lighting. They were able to match every paint color and stain perfectly and I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking to remodel anything inside or outside of your home.Read More

A fire was the last thing on our minds when we came back from a beach trip in 2013. But that's what was in store for us in the wee hours of the morning. Houseworks is who we called while smoke was still in the air. Our friends at the beach had just used Houseworks for a water leak and mentioned how much they liked them. Houseworks was the perfect choice because they knew how to do the cleanup before starting the rebuild. And, they knew how to help with insurance in documenting losses. We have since referred them to friends for any kind of repairs or improvements. Nice -people. Skilled at rebuilding and remodeling. Judy and Hill DensonRead More