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As an established construction company, HouseWorks provides qualified and capable experience in meeting a broad range of improvements and repair work. You'll find our prices extremely competitive with flexible payment options to meet the needs of your unique project.
HouseWorks has been named to the Qualified Remodeler Magazine Top 500 list every year since 2006 - the only remodeler in MS recognized. We are honored to make this list each year and strive to surpass our previous year's accomplishments in order to remain on this list.
A few of our specialties include:
  • Residential Additions
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Remodeling
  • Insurance Restorations
  • Lead Paint Renovations


Relationship: Colleague

We met Jeff through our colleague Susan. We started doing work together around 2007. We really enjoyed working on projects together with Houseworks. They provide great products and services and we recommend them to all homeowners and professionals!Read More

Relationship: Client

I couldn't be more satisfied. I've attacked a few photos of the updates, but they did even more. I was able to stay within my low budget and receive all the changes I wanted. They don't put profit first. There were a few things they talked me out of doing, but they gave me excellent reasons why I shouldn't have them do those projects. That made a huge impression on me. If I ever want more work done, I will certainly call them.Read More

Relationship: Client

Extremely diligent and hard working. Followed up with me on every question and didn't stop until I had a satisfactory answer. When I asked for specific work hours they met my requests every time. Great company to work with and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.Read More

Relationship: Client

Houseworks added an outdoor patio for me. I wanted something that didn't look like it had been added on and that would flow with the existing porch. It turned out better than I could have ever expected! They extended the roof and added a ceiling fan and lighting. They were able to match every paint color and stain perfectly and I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking to remodel anything inside or outside of your home.Read More

Relationship: Client

A fire was the last thing on our minds when we came back from a beach trip in 2013. But that's what was in store for us in the wee hours of the morning. Houseworks is who we called while smoke was still in the air. Our friends at the beach had just used Houseworks for a water leak and mentioned how much they liked them. Houseworks was the perfect choice because they knew how to do the cleanup before starting the rebuild. And, they knew how to help with insurance in documenting losses. We have since referred them to friends for any kind of repairs or improvements. Nice -people. Skilled at rebuilding and remodeling. Judy and Hill DensonRead More