Insurance Restoration and Home Renovation Specialist

Our experienced project teams are responsible for the positive reputation of HouseWorks throughout Mississippi and Tennessee - a growing testament to the workmanship and reliability of every member of our staff.

Jeff Salmons
Co-Founder and President of HouseWorks, LLC.
Jeff lives in Madison, Mississipi and his construction background includes 15 years as a public speaker for Russ Whitney teaching individuals how to purchase and invest in real estate. Jeff also owned and managed a janitorial service business and a successful restaurant in Memphis, TN. His background is in providing unsurpassed service and value in all areas of remodeling.

Jim Lueck
Marketing and Financial Consultant, Madison Office
Prior to becoming a consultant, Jim owned a book publishing company. He previously served as CEO of a book publishing and fund-raising division of a Fortune 500 company. Earlier in his career, Jim was a marketing director for a national insurance company. Jim lives in Madison, MS with his wife Margie.