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Design-Build is remodeling at its best. This process involves all the key elements of construction from the client's initial concept to a working design with specifications to final construction. Design-Build utilizes the services of many construction professionals including architects or plan designers, product sales pesonnel, technical representatives and construction supervision staff.

A typical Design-Build project includes but is not limited to the following processes:

Initial meeting with the clients to discuss project
Discuss end use intentions
Examine the site and prospective location
Develop site plan and job specifications
Formulate initial drawings for review
Finalize working drawings for construction
Estimate the project
Actual construction
Most Design-Build projects will involve what is called a "change order" in the construction industry. Change orders are very common and insure both parties are in agreement to any diversion from the original scope of the project. It's sometimes difficult to "see" the entire project during the planning phase so change orders help the client achieve the end result they want.

Design-Build projects are normally jobs of larger scope and the dollars to make it happen. It is common in construction to ask for "draws" for work completed or to pay deposits for any "special-order" materials. Our supervisors work closely with our clients to make sure our invoicing is accurate and you only pay for correctly completed work.

Design-Build: Remodeling at its Best!

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